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Select the categories below that match your interests.
Your custom plan will fall under one of three tiers: Pathfinder, Navigator or Trailblazer.
Pathfinder Navigator Trailblazer
One or more
Special-needs child, blended family
Household Income
Less than $100,000
$100,000 - $300,000
More than $300,000
Net Worth
$100,000 - $250,000
$250,001 - $750,000
More than $750,000
Sources of Income
Employment, pension, dividend, interest
Self-employed, Social Security, retirement, alimony, rental, disability income
Estate, royalties, trust, foreign, taxable windfall, inheritance, business income/sale
Balance Sheet and Cash Flow needs
Summary of current net worth and/or cash flow
Detailed net worth and cash flow statements, rent vs. purchase, and refinance analysis
Detailed personal and business cash flow statements and balance sheets
Risk Management / Insurance needs
Summary of current coverage
Gap/adequacy analysis
Complex protection need analysis
Legacy needs
Summary of estate/trust documents and beneficiary designations
Gap/adequacy analysis of assets, ownership, and estate needs
Multiple needs/trusts and gifting strategies/business succession and exit strategies
Wealth Management
One or two accounts, consolidation of accounts
Multiple accounts or institutions, multiple asset classes
Advanced investment strategies, ESOP/RSU/ISO
Tax Management
Salary/wages, interest/dividends, itemized deductions
Self-employment, multiple capital gains/losses
Business, rental or farm income and/or entity selection
Up to two
Three or four
More than four
Financial Coaching
Semi annual meetings
Quarterly meetings
Monthly meetings
Planning Tiers Pathfinder
$500 - $2,750
$2,751 - $4,525
$4,526 - $6,750
Estimated Fee: $0